Difference in generations of body sensation that appears on water-clotted EDM festival “S2O”

How to enjoy dance music has also changed according to generation. The style of dance is transforming while agreeing with the times such as enormousization and generalization of EDM festival, change of rhythm of songs, spread of smartphones and so on. The EDM festival ” S2O JAPAN SONGKRAN MUSIC FESTIVAL ” from Thailand that symbolizes it was first held in Odaiba, Tokyo on August 4th and 5th. It is the latest festival that utilizes technology that water is released on the dance floor and the whole audience becomes soaked. Excessive production began to reach not only the auditory sense from the sound, the visual from the lighting and the image production but also the tactile sense. Here, I would like to consider the transformation of how young people enjoy dancing from the site report of “S2O JAPAN”.

The difference between “S2O JAPAN” and the existing festival is that a number of water dischargers are installed in front of the DJ booth, and a large amount of water is scattered at the moment the songs are excited. An unprecedented experience that everyone on the floor will be flooded with water will bring an uplifting feeling to the audience. This water drainage, originally developed from traditional customs that cleanses the Buddha statue to be done in the Chinese New Year in Thailand and watering the Buddha building, the festival “Songkran” enjoying shopping with people in the city enjoying water, There is a cultural context. “S2O” in Thailand’s home country has been held since 2015, and 60,000 people visited this year in three days. It can be said that it is already established. It is a change in cultural feeling that contemporary sex is feeling that DJs appeared more frequently in Bon Odori in Japan in that they updated traditional events to make them more friendly.

Destroy the heat in the heat warmth
Until the day of the opening of “S2O JAPAN”, I thought “Japanese are resistant to taking water in front of the people and customers are tough to attract customers,” but when I opened the lid, the venue in Odaiba was 2 Twenty thousand people gathered in the day and became full. Overlooking the floor, every time the play of DJs from around the world peaked, the water got down and the audience got crazy with a sense of unity. When I also experienced it, moderate water pressure and water temperature falling from heaven are pleasant, I can immerse mind and body in entertainment which took considerable trouble and budget, and will form an unprecedented culture I also felt a commitment to things. In the 1990s, the act of hugging on the dance floor was commonplace in order to gain sense of euphoria and unity, but in the present age where the background of times also changed, the possibility of sexual harassment and the like also increased, and in order to obtain a tactile sense of unity It can be thought that the idea of ​​water discharge was born. In the domestic dance music scene, imported version of “foam pa” which releases foam in the bubble machine being done in Ibiza was also done, but this time the effort is bigger than that. At any rate the number of customers attracting the whole EDM festival has increased. By the way, according to Yu Moriya who is in charge of PR of “S2O JAPAN”, it is said that “It took more than a year to talk with Thailand home country” in holding. There are other EDM festival “Life In Color” to spray paint on the floor overseas, but anyway here in Japan, a new phase of entertainment that enthusiastically enthusiastic from the body has come up.

Transformation of dance with music for festival
Until I actually went to the site, I thought that “the excitement of EDM festival is close to rave music in the early 1990s”, but the different point when I looked through several things is how to move my body . There are songs derived from the transformer from the current EDM festival, but there are loud sounding big rooms for festivals that collect tens of thousands of audiences, EDM traps derived from base music, Americanized Dubstep for EDM and so on are increasing. Changes in the rhythm of these songs in recent years induce movement of the body different from club music so far. The dance music of four striking systems in the techno and the house so far get an uplifting feeling by the dance moving the foot by the rhythm of “Don Chi dong Chi don Chi dong Chi” of the back hi hat against the kick. It manifests remarkably in how to move the dance legs such as psychedelic transformer derived from four striking system and Gaba.

Unlike those of modern EDM festival, the backing hi-hat does not ring, the audience often takes the rhythm according to the snare and takes the movement shaking the upper body. When it becomes extreme, head banging is also done, and even if you take a rhythm with your feet it is rare to move your body significantly. Spatial processing that sounds a treble synth in the margin where the hi-hat does not sound is prevalent in terms of the structure of the song. A fighter shines with a line array speaker a sharp distinctive synth sound than a hi-hat that shines in the club space and shines. From now on, the style of dance derived from EDM festival will become more subdivided.

One factor is that this change is based on the prevalence of smartphones, dancing while holding the camera. Camera shake on how to dance moving feet. Instagram There are parts where the festival is formed on the premise. In club music, “Equality on the dance floor” was aesthetized, everyone was gathering on the floor and everyone enjoyed dancing so that they lost their self-consciousness and integrated with a dark dance floor. But in modern times celebrities have appeared on the dance floor due to the spread of smaho. As a result, it is also contemporary that VIP rooms are often installed at EDM festivals. In addition, since the front of the EDM festival floor is full and can not move, if you dance around your feet it will get in the way. It is different from how to enjoy it, denying the star system like the club music so far, so that everyone dances evenly on the floor.

To summarize the story, the style of recent dance music changed for festo not for clubs. As a result, the way of taking rhythm and the behavior on the floor are changing from the club’s point of view at the EDM site. For those who have been familiar with the four striking systems for many years, they will change the sense of sticking to their bodies, but understanding may be early if you go to the EDM festival. It is one of the mysterious charm of music that it takes time to listen to many genres before familiar with familiar genres.

Meme dance fashion
Also, besides Fes, dance is exciting even on internet video sites such as YouTube. It is a game called meme dance (viral dance) that imitates the style of dance included in music videos and so on. In Japan, I think that I am familiar with the hash tag of “Nico Nico Douga” etc., “I tried to dance”, and Hoshino Genki “Koi” music video for a love dance, but I would like to introduce a part of EDM with a keystroke.

The starting song is “Harlem Shake” released by Bauer in 2012. A lot of fussy video with drops of songs was posted on YouTube and it became a hot topic. It seems that the influence of Flash Mob is remarkable at that time. In 2015, exotic dance of “Lean On” by Major Lazer and DJ Snake became a topic, recently a shuffle dance derived from the genre called Melbourne Bounce was hit and EDM dance, cutting shapes, It is called popular paradipian and it is familiar.

The element of dance became indispensable to music video because it plays a movie a lot of times to practice dance, so there are aspects that it increases the number of playbacks and makes it more attractive. Derived from such excitement, young people are comfortable now posting dance videos video service Tik Tok has become a hot topic, and EDM is frequently used as a BGM that can be excited easily.

Since the movement size is too wide including online and offline, there are still many cultures that I could not introduce yet or I do not know yet. However, from such an unspecified number of gathering places, something like a microcosm of society should come up. Teenagers living in contemporary today with too much information may want a norm for body movement rather than dancing freely.