EDM, three letters that appeared most brilliantly and most ugly.

Today I want to talk a little serious and difficult. It was a subject that I wanted to write from one day to another, but I was also reluctant to write a topic that was difficult to tell how to conclude. There are many words that I want to clarify, and I have to say that I must go to introduce dance music, but I still have to postpone it until now because I do not know what to be the subject of the ongoing type and what to conclude. But now I am writing this with the idea that I can not postpone anymore. Still no conclusions were made. This article is not an article with the character “This is the way it should be!”, But it reveals the character of “What is this situation now and what will happen in the future?”

1. Electronic dance music (EDM), the emergence of its beautiful words
We do not know exactly when, but around 2010, we have been using Electronic Dance Music, or EDM, to refer to the whole electronic music. EDM is used as a word that can literally cover all electronic music such as electronic music, electronic music, House, Electro House, Deep House, Techno. Rather, it was the most sophisticated and the most expressive expression of all this music. At that time, if you wanted to talk about the word electronic music, you used the word electronic dance music (EDM). Armin Van Buuren also introduced a new trans-music artist at his radio show “A State of Trance” and naturally said, “It’s a rising star of EDM God,” and nobody has felt any sense of incongruity. EDM seemed to be the most perfect and most beautiful representation of electronic music in our day. And nobody knew that the meaning of the word EDM would decline so quickly.

2. The US market that started to get enthusiastic about EDM
In 2011, David Guetta released his best-selling album, Nothing But The Beat. With this album, David Guetta begins to take over the charts of many countries, including the UK dance album charts and billboard dance / electronic album charts. But David Guetta’s [Nothing But The Beat] is more important than these charts, because the US market has opened the door to EDM. At this time, EDM was still underground and minor music in the United States compared to Europe where EDMs such as trance, techno, and deep house were already well established. David Guetta, however, fought the American market with his dance or pop style, full of EDM – based pop melodies, and America was enthusiastic about David Guetta. It was the rise of a new era.

It was 2011 that David Guetta drove away from Armin Van Buuren in DJ Mag’s top 100 DJs. Until then, the first place was like a trans artist. Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, and Armin Van Buuren have been in the top spot for nearly a decade. David Guetta, however, was at the top of the list with house music in the background. Following David Guetta, who opened the door to the US EDM market, numerous artists have started to take on the US market in earnest. It was also around this time that Tiesto declared the transition from Trans to House, and the new Avicii was able to lead the fastest acclaim of the US market with its unique melody.

Everything changed as America became enthusiastic about EDM. Europe no longer seems to be at the center of EDM. Super clubs such as LIGHT and Hakkasan in Las Vegas attracted all of Ibiza ‘s super DJs and were massively massive in America. Also, it was the festival that was also the fastest festival. One of the biggest festivals now, the Ultra Music Festival, was a two-day festival until 2010. Although there are tremendous benefits of the Winter Music Conference (WMC) and Miami Music Week, the Ultra Music Festival has been as spectacular as it was in 2011. In addition to the Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) began expanding to Las Vegas, including New York, Orlando and the world, and many EDM festivals such as Electric Zoo, HARD Summer, and Mysteryland began to gain popularity. All the artists cheered for the positive EDM of America, and they could not hide their surprises and pleasures.

As the situation changes, EDM artists start to fierce competition. Not long ago, Diplo said, “You can not make money selling music. Instead, I would make money by performing or selling Merchandise . ” In addition, when Jay-Z launched Tidal, a new music service, “I do not want to see Aloe Blacc and the composer who wrote the song with him recording a streaming number of 168 million and receiving only $ 4,000 “He also promised artists a higher return. With the current market structure, it is difficult for an artist to earn a high profit from a music source alone. Rather than hoping for a new track to become a big hit track, a bigger show, such as a festival headliner or a club resident in Las Vegas, would be a much better return. In fact, Calvin Harris’ main source of income, which is the highest income among DJs, is also income from the residency of Super Club Hakkasan.

That’s why many large EDM festivals along with the US EDM craze were like discovering a new gold mine for artists. DJs jumped to the top of the American festival lineup, and their chosen strategy was to become an artist who quickly became a fan of the crowd at the festival’s main stage. The big room, which is literally a big room for music, was the kind of music most needed by these artists, and for the American public who started to get in touch with EDM, Big Room House was so new, exciting, and fun music. And the word EDM starts to change rapidly.

3. EDM, the word that refers to a genre
The US dragged the EDM out of frustration. Every day a large concept EDM festival emerged and EDM artists around the world constantly flocked to the United States. The artists who play Big Room House soon became very popular. In particular, Hardwell, Showtek, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, W & W and Firebeatz are becoming more popular as a big room house with a strong kick sound. In 2013, the top 10 producer Martin Garrix released “Animals,” a track that could represent the Big Room House, making it one of the UK’s top singles charts and gaining popularity around the world. The Big Room House is the most representative genre in EDM . The major stages, including the main stage of the EDM Festival, were crowded with these big room house artists, and from that time the big room house soon became the EDM. EDM was no longer a term referring to the whole electronic music. EDM was soon Big Room House.

The most authoritative voice in the world of electronic music, legendary artist Pete Tong, ends with the term EDM in 2013 with the following words :

“It is interesting to see that the word EDM is changing its meaning faster than any other term for dance music. If someone used the word in the interview two years ago, it would have come to us all the same. In general, we are talking about dance music and electronic music. Well now the EDM speaks of something cheap, very huge, Las Vegas style. EDM now refers to a specific genre of music, and it does not have the same meaning to all of us. This is closely related to what is happening in the United States today. In fact, for people in countries other than the United States, EDM only means American sound. “

Since then, the word EDM has become a word that refers to a genre. Not only does it mean a big room house, but also a negative meaning of coarse, low-level electronic music to excite people.

But the EDM artists were sold out to celebrate the victory. From 2013 to early 2014, these big room houses are pouring out of countless ways, and artists continue to play back tracks with similar sound similarities. In fact, by this time, you can not distinguish the title of a song from any song. The highlights of the song were the same, and artists like VINAI even made their tracks almost ‘copy + paste’. Electronic music artists were also criticized. When an artist uploads a track titled “Make Bitport 1 Gone” through the Sound Cloud, another artist downloads the track and remixes it about 15 minutes later to create a track that is not a qualitatively different track To the public. It was a ridiculous and self-evident voice about EDM.

Deadmau5 “has four Benzen samples, four nexus presets, a brick wall limiter, and a 30-minute” work “. This is also the time to ridicule EDM artists with a track titled “Carbon Cookie” with the words “Bitport , I’m coming!”

4. Find new words to replace EDM
EDM is used by electronic music artists and media in terms of a genre, a specific style. Since then, the EDM artist has come to be regarded as an unacceptable modifier. Artists begin to distance from the EDM. It was Deadmau5 that first disagreed with the term EDM.

Deadmau5 redefined EDM in its own sense early on. “EDM is now ‘Event Driven Marketing’.” A number of artists followed Deadmau5, who had worked closely with EDM as well as the word DJ. You too have started to show irritation and dislike to the word EDM. This was not limited to so-called underground artists like Seth Troxler. Even the artists who led the revival of EDM in the midst of the existing EDM order began to be reluctant to be defined as an EDM artist. The evidence that the word EDM is contaminated comes from the mouths of the artists.

Numerous artists have said they are not interested in EDM. And now we all know. The word EDM refers to a particular music with a simple, low-pitched, mechanical style, centered on the Big Room House, rather than the EDM that refers to the entire electronic music that was being talked about earlier. Even Hardwell , who led the revival of Big Room House, did not hesitate to say , “I’m tired of EDM now,” and artists such as Bassnectar, Steve Angello and Skream have expressed this opinion. The line-drawing with EDM is also evident in Mat Zo’s “twitter congestion” some time ago . Mat Zo wrote on his Twitter: “EDM is music made for the purpose of partying, and electronic music is music for the music itself. “EDM is not wrong, but EDM is the problem of the fact that electronic music is covered and crushed.” In this case, we have already seen that most of the artists have used EDM as a definite word It can be seen that it is used.

Also, not long ago, Zedd said, “It is very important for fans to know me as musician Zedd, not EDM DJ Zedd. Even if I give out an acoustic album next time, and it is actually possible, it is still me. To be honest, I do not have much inspiration for EDM . ” At that time, there was a negative opinion of Zedd’s remarks at the time, saying, “I am an EDM artist but I have no sense of EDM.” However, this is nothing too much to say when Zedd refers to EDM as a narrow electronic music that refers to a certain genre. Zedd’s music is from the beginning until now, because it was not included in the category of ‘Big Room House’.

There are artists who have drawn the line of EDM, which is polluted, and music with certainty. It is Porter Robinson. Porter Robinson makes the following remarks before releasing his debut album Worlds:

“First, I think I need to define what the word ‘EDM’ means. The EDM I usually talk about is 128 BPM from the main stage, ‘One, Two, Three, Jump!’ It refers to things such as Banger. It is not the entire electronic music. Even though EDM was a term used to refer to electronic music as a whole. I do not think EDM now refers to the whole electronic music as before.

My anxiety about EDM appeared in the process of composing. The EDM has the most effective electrotracks to carry out its original role, with a 30-second build-up and back-to-back chords, rising vocals, and snares. These are the elements you must have in order to ‘feed’ EDM tracks.

These elements, which emphasize functional aspects beyond artistic expression, have made me think again about the genre of EDM. I thought this was an extremely repressive factor in making music. And once I got out of this constraint, a new world opened up for me. Making music without being limited to anything was a feeling that I could not feel x before and it was awesome. Making music made me happy again. “

Along with these words, Porter Robinson’s debut album Worlds was full of EDM genres and perfect lines. “Sea of ​​Voices”, which slowly melts beautiful melodies gradually, and “Fellow Feeling”, which made a new attempt with unique ideas, felt Porter Robinson’s farewell farewell to EDM. For artists such as Porter Robinson, we could no longer name the EDM artist.

In this situation, the world wanted a new term to replace EDM. Like the past EDM, the need for a new word to refer to the whole ‘electronic music’ has emerged. And the word that came up in response to this demand was the word ‘dance music’. Pete Tong of BBC Radio 1 used the word dance music instead of EDM to refer to the entire electronic music scene. Until now, dance music has replaced the dance music, yet there are no sophisticated words to refer to the whole electronic music, so the word dance music is widely used despite the criticism that electronic music is all for dance. It goes with out saying that almost all media have replaced EDM with dance music, unless it is a magazine containing “EDM” such as “EDM.Com” and “YourEDM”. The fact that the word “dance music” has already been widely used instead of the word “EDM” can be seen in the interviews of many artists. As for EDM, dance music has been used as a specific genre and broadly used as electronic music.

For example, in an interview with Mixmag , Carl Cox replied to the question about American dance music:

“EDM is like an introduction to dance music. And I am very happy. We have been fighting dance music for a long time to be respected. EDM has settled the sound of dance music in the United States. But once people put foot in dance music god, Americans will begin to find their Art Department with their Loco Dice, their Sven Väth. And it will make America a really good dance music god. ” A new era has opened with the word dance music.

5. The term “dance music” and the worries of “Below”
As we have seen, the present world is replacing the word EDM with the word dance music. But the biggest problem when using the word dance music is that its meaning is intuitive. The word commonly known to the public is the word EDM, and the word dance music does not mean meaning intuitively. Especially in Korea, it is a big problem. In Korea, which does not even see the word EDM yet, does it use the word dance music? And dance music refers to the entire electronic music? It is difficult to share the meaning of the word dance music with the public.

Nevertheless, the reason we use the word dance music is that the word EDM has changed significantly from the past, and it has also been ‘polluted’ rather than simply changed. That’s why the name “Below”, which was originally titled “Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Magazine,” was renamed “Dance Music Media.” A magazine to introduce good music is “We are EDM magazine. I mean, it’s a cheap electronic music magazine. ” However, the word “dance music” is still unfamiliar and intuitive, meaningless communication between the reader and Bill Low may not be smooth. This is the same story as Zedd’s “EDM” statement mentioned above, but it did not share the word “EDM”. It is also a chaos in the use of the word “dance music” used by Billow, for example, the word ‘future of dance music Porter Robinson’. The Future of Dance Music The always-asked question when writing with the title Porter Robinson was “Why not use the expression of EDM’s future?” But as you can see now, it’s a ridiculous thing to use Porter Robinson’s title, EDM’s Future. And if Porter Robinson finds out about it, he might be very displeased with Bill Low.

Here is the situation. The word EDM has deteriorated, and the term dance music has replaced it. But in Korea, the word EDM is just beginning to be widely used, and the term dance music is still strange. Here Bill Row’s troubles begin. ‘It is a magazine targeting Korean readers, so should I use the word EDM, which is relatively well known, or should I use proper terminology for dance music, even if it is impossible to intuitively convey meaning? And this is why I am writing this article. In the meantime, I used both terms in combination. In addition to electronic music enthusiasts, I have used the word EDM for what people would like to see, and dance music for other articles. From this moment on, I would like to use dance music to refer to the whole electronic music and EDM to refer to a specific genre of EDM. Now we share the same meaning, but is not it okay?

The Meaning of Words Anyway, the fact that we love electronic music does not change. In the future, the words that define electronic music will continue to change, but the nature of the music we love will not change. Bill Low also promises to continue to introduce a wonderful dance music for Korean listeners.