Excitement degree 120%! Join Tomorrowland, the world’s largest music event!

A new event “Tomorrowland” starting in 2005 also had naming which reminiscent of a certain theme park, and although it was sometimes misunderstood in part at first, now it is known worldwide as the world’s largest music event It began.

This event that not only individual participation from Japan, but also people who go to dance with groups organizing tours are increasing. We introduce “Tomorrowland” which grew to EDM festival where nearly 200,000 music and dance lovers gather from all over the world.

Characteristics of Tomorrowland
EDM an acronym for Electronic Dance Music. It is just an event where producers and dancers of Norinori dance music gather from all over the world.

However, here is “Sugo” I want to tell you before dance music. That is the perfection of the venue.

There are many outdoor festivals around the world. There are also a few EDM systems. But, it is where the creation of the venue is not a hump, because they and Tomorrowland draw a line.

If we go through the entrance gate, is it a theme park after all? It may be confusing for a moment. But the kind and volume of the music I hear is too different. The whole venue is filled with high-pitched music with an explosive sound, conveying the wave that tingling inside the body. I am already excited.

Of course, the most important thing is music, but by all means please also look at creating a venue like ‘Here is Las Vegas’ sticking to details.

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Tomorrowland venue · Date

Baume is set in Bohm, which is an hour’s drive from Brussels, the capital city of Belgium. A shuttle bus runs from Brussels during the exhibition.

There are about 20 stages in the huge venue if they are big and small, and other meals, toilets and rest areas in the outdoor · simple tent are made and become one city.

Tomorrowland is showing a move further spreading to the world and at this time it is held not only in the birthplace of Baume and Baume, but also in the United States and Brazil.

The opening day is 3 days of the last weekend of July every year. There are several kinds of tickets such as a single day ticket and a through ticket, and it is sold online, but in 2015 it is said that 180 thousand copies were fully sold out in one and a half hours.

Tickets are premierized and it is said that it is the easiest way to participate in Japan from a group ticket acquired by a major travel agency.

History of Tomorrowland
I do not have enough time to say history. Started in 2004, we decided to hold for 2 weeks in 2014 in commemoration of 10th anniversary.

At the time of holding, only one day held in 2 days from 2007, 3 days in 2008, the number of DJs has expanded from dozens to hundreds. Naturally, the number of visitors has also exploded and has grown from several thousand to 200 thousand.

Furthermore, as the management company was acquired, the venue has expanded to the United States and Brazil, and it is planned to expand in the future as well.

Tomorrowland events
In addition to being made a background that fascinates tastes at each stage, it is full of gimmicks such as light ups and karakuri.

Especially the stiffness of the main stage is not hampered, it is close enough to see the event in the morning with few people since the event does not start yet.

In addition, each year the theme is decided, and the design along that is introduced. The theme affects not only the venues and music but also the clothes of the management staff and the package of tickets, the cups and dishes used for the meals to be served are not so impressive but it is like Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland food

Together with the opinions of participants so far, it seems better not to expect meals in Tomorrowland. To the end, “I have to eat something because my stomach is empty” Only the hoods packed with sense.

Still, if it is blessed with the weather, being fucked by music, being drunk by the atmosphere of Fes, what you eat may be delicious.

As a rule you can not bring in foods or drinks. Sorry.

Souvenir of Tomorrowland
I said that I can not expect meals, but there is no pleasure there.

As a rule takeaway, plastic cups etc are used, but there is also a Tomorrowland logo properly there. I will not go with novelty goods, but it is perfect for a small souvenir or souvenir.

However, the problem is, in the venue of a havoc, it will be how myself who will be caught will get those goods in safe form.

In addition, Tomorrowland is cashless inside. Electronic money that is only valid within Tomorrowland is called “Pearls” and it is common to charge it to an electronic money ticket that seems to come out even in anime or game called “magical bracelet”. It can be recharged from the credit card or the local counter, and it can be used for all payments in the venue.

Another recommendation is chocolate only in Belgium. Of course, it is included in the original package of the Tomorrowland brand, so it is perfect for souvenirs. It is safe if this taste also.

What to prepare
You can purchase glow sticks and lasers without a mistake on the stage like the dark deck or in the night stage, locally.

Another thing that is becoming a must item with EDM festival is the national flag. When the exciting people hands-up up, you can see the scenes dancing with the flags of their respective country of origin dancing.

The flag of Japan is noticeably good or bad. Whether or not there is timing to take out depends on that time, but let’s embed it in your pocket.

Get tickets and local information
Tomorrowland ticket gets are hard enough to be said to be the hardest to pick in the world. Although it is said that it was sold out in 20 minutes in 90 minutes, most people finish without even being able to connect to the site for 90 minutes.

It is possible to cooperate with friends to compete with “number of people”, to expect for resale with some extra overhead, or to get in to a travel agency or other group that is purchasing through corporate cashiers.

Tomorrowland is also a place like a forest park in the suburbs. There are no hotels in the vicinity, tent nights, lodge nights and cottage nights are common at camp sites managed by Tomorrowland.

The camp site is built in a dedicated city called Dreamville near Tomorrowland. It is very popular that there are markets and cafés as well as being comfortable and having a good time on Tomorrowland’s extension. Since we also need tickets, let’s judge carefully when choosing which package to buy Tomorrowland tickets.

If you do not want it, you can also go from Brussels, but there are voices saying that the shuttle bus costs about 4000 yen so it’s a waste.

Most interesting
During the three-day convention, the big DJs are excited at over 15 venues.

Of particular note is the length of their time spent. There is no such thing as devising so as not to get bored by the speed of rotation of the DJ like a club, it is overwhelmed by its power which keeps pulling the audience with just “technique”.

Also, the same DJ often stands on another stage due to the time difference, of course the content is totally different. Even this alone, I can tell how much luxury it is.

Furthermore, each stage also has a theme, there are also DJ party system which has good field such as underground system, hard system, tech house system, transformer system, and the famous DJ team is making the main stage, even if 3 Even though there are days, it seems that you need considerable physical strength to enjoy dancing at all stages.

In summary
A country of dreams that appears in the summer Belgian countryside for only three days. That is Tomorrowland. People who have good sense and good sense of music gather there. Tomorrowland is famous as an event where many good women are good men.

Although it dances at the venue and it goes crazy, I see a nap as if I fall asleep, but there are no such things as drunkenness or entanglement, there are not many problems such as long line of toilet rows, there is nothing like drunkness or entanglement.

The price of a ticket that is immersed in EDM in a dream world only for three days is about 60,000 yen. Whether this is considered as cheap or high is a matter of value, but you can only declare that you will never regret if it is an EDM freak.

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