EDM Our Top Short Hairstyles for Men

Short hairstyles are normally in the men’s hair every year. This has stylish, but also appied reasons. Short hair is’nt only dry blown in a few minutes after showering, they can also be quickly and beautifully brought into shape with different styling products. Of course, the hottest haircuts change year after year.


The short haircut is also for 2018 absolutely trendy. But while in the past few years in the men’s hairstyles rasped hairstyle looks with tribals and other shaved motifs stand out, the upper hair area is quite bit longer worn. The slightly longer hair allows to style a wide variety of trendy hairstyles. By the means of pomade or wet-gel, the hair is styled casually back – finished is the noble wet-look. For a trendy “out-of-the-bed” short hairstyle, the hair with a modeling clay or fiber gum disheveled and modeled forward or upward.

The mushroom head is in vogue again – who would have thought that? Nevertheless, it was adapted to the 21st century, and successfully. With the neck and sides of the hair fall out medium, the upper hair is exactly goes forward in the typical pony, which extends to just above the eyebrows. This new shape of the mushroom head ensures that the top hair receives a dynamic texture and acts completely natural. The ears are no longer covered. Styling tips for the new Beatles hairstyle:

The hair is rubbed dry after washing.
When blow-drying a flat brush is used – a soft finish is to be produced.
A lightly holding gel is thoroughly spread on the hands and applied with the palms and fingers only on the top hair.

It is crucial that the look does not look artificial, but as natural as possible.
Finally the hair will be styled forward and sideways – a slight side vertex is desired.
The side parting – forgiving for a long time and therefore shunned – will surely be the trend hairstyles again in 2018. It is now called “Side Swoop” and it is very important that on average it has to be perfectly attuned to the shape of the head. Side vertex in combination with three-day beard is a hit. The decisive factor is that the vertex is drawn exactly. A strong fixation is required so that the top coat does not fall back into the eighties during the day. A matte styling looks retro trendy, shine is announced. Casual accessories from the nerd glasses to the silk scarf complete the look in a skilful manner.


Also the wet look sets the tone for the short hairstyles 2018. The classic gel hairdo is back! Naturally, the hair is combed back to the back. In one variant, the long coat hair is radically combed back, the sides are cut short. It is important that the hair shines and in no case should it look glued. The hair can also be parted, the vertex should be just above the temples. But how is the classic gel hairstyle best styled?

Lightly moisten the hair and pull a side parting with the comb if necessary.
Work a little gel into the combed back hair.
As long as the gel is not yet firm, it is possible to use the comb to determine the direction, design and rigor of the desired hairstyle.
Experiments are allowed to find the individually ideal look.
If the hairdo then sits, let the hair dry in the air.

Basically, it is advisable to shave the hair on the sides for a current Men Kurzhaarfrisur 2018 using a professional hair trimmer to a maximum of 4 millimeters and the upper hair area a little longer, about 6cm. The transition between the sides and the upper hair area should definitely be cut with course, as in this way a smooth transition can be created. Too much hardness is not needed. As a result, numerous styling options are open and constantly new trend hairstyles can be created.